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A Weekend in New York

May 10, 2008

We took BoltBus to NYC last weekend to meet up with our former coworker, John D, and my cousin, Jin. We saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway (I cried), met John and Mark at Don’t Tell Mama, and ended the night (well, morning) with drinks at the Simone Martini Bar in the East Village. It was supposed to rain all weekend, but the weather ended up behaving quite nicely. It was sunny on Sunday so we changed our plans of going to museums. Jin, Selena, Daniel and I went to brunch at Rue 57 and took a stroll through Central Park. It was such a nice getaway.

Jin and Selena, thanks for letting us crash on your couch!

Central Park

My cousin, Jin, his girlfriend, Selena, Daniel and I in Central Park

Daniel, John and Mark at Don’t Tell Mama in NYC’s Theatre District

  1. Dennis permalink

    Since you had no comments posted yet, I wanted to be the first. I have absolutely nothing to say other than, “great blog and website.” Will you do mine?


  2. Kellyn & Daniel permalink

    Thanks for the note Dennis. Do you seriously want a site? If so, give us a call!

  3. amberrd permalink

    For having moved so far away, it seems like you’ve already visited/seen so many people from the OC. I think that’s awesome to keep in good touch. And I love that you guys have a blog now! That’s pretty exciting…

  4. Kellyn & Daniel permalink

    Hey Amber,

    Thanks for stopping by. We’ll bookmark your blog. Let us know when you get it going. ^^

  5. davelom permalink

    D and K- This is a terrific site and I dig the blog aspect. Best wishes from San Francisco- My new city.

  6. Kellyn & Daniel permalink

    DL – It’s a different vibe living in the city, isn’t it? Good to hear from you and we’ll let you know when we’re out that way and hopefully you’ll do the same.

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