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Our Wedding West Invitation

July 22, 2008

Our DIY Asian-themed invitations are complete and they’re in our guests’ hands. It took a couple of weeks of paper research and probably 10 different design ideas. When I first saw this paper at PUA Naturally in Downtown DC, it was my “invitation dream” come true. It was the perfect paper.

Daniel and I dedicated an entire weekend to finish them up and it was all worth it. We had so much fun in our little assembly line. Daniel told me I wouldn’t be a good manager since I micro-managed every single step of the process.

I want to thank Daniel for putting up with my obsession and craziness about our invitation and helping me with assembling everything.

What we used

Getting ready to assemble

Getting ready to assemble

I tied two small branches with orange hemp

My little branches

Daniel putting double-sided tape on the back of the invitation

Making sure everything aligns

I put holes with needles and tied the branches with response cards

Almost complete

My little knots

Ta-da! It’s complete!

The front of the invitation

A few of them complete

Stacking them up as we finish each one

The entire set of invitations – 31 to be exact!

  1. Sunset permalink

    Those are amazingly beautiful and simple. Thank you


  2. The Future Mrs. L permalink

    Hi! I found your site though I love your invitations! I’m hoping to do something similar, but was wondering where you found the card portion with the bamboo on it. We are most likely going to have bamboo plants as our favors, so we thought that a bamboo picture on the invites might be the way to go. I figure, if we’re having a ton of food and a Vienese hour (FI is italian), we might as well have some asian (me) inspired things too.

    Thanks for your help!


  3. Loving the personal touch! Brilliant.

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