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Screen on the Green

August 9, 2008

We recently found out that DC has outdoor movies playing every summer. It’s really awesome and, best of all, free! The District offers a lot of free outdoor activities in the summer and we’ve definitely been taking advantage of them. For the last two weeks, every Monday night after work, we have met at the mall with a picnic blanket and snacks.

On our first outing, we brought leftover Kimbop (Korean Sushi) from dinner the night before, movie “junk,” took a short nap, and anxiously awaited the movie which started just as the sun set. Frank Capra’s Arsenic and Old Lace with Cary Grant screened, but it felt a little “dated.” This past Monday we went for Daniel’s birthday and I picked up dinner at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck). Billy Wilder’s The Apartment was screening and reminded us how film should be. This pitch-perfect romantic comedy stars Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine and I would highly recommend it. I’m looking forward to the last movie this summer, Superman. We’ll post on that and let you in on a little secret: the infamous HBO Dance. Stay tuned!

For our picnic, I made Kimbop (Korean Sushi) the night before

Rolling … Daniel’s actually better at it

I’m getting better at cooking

Around 5:30 pm, people start to grab their spots in front of the screen

Our favorite picnic blanket. You have to admit it, our blanket pretty much rocks!

Waiting for sunset while listening to music on Daniel’s new iPhone, a birthday gift from me

Our decoration pillow came in very handy for Daniel’s nap

Sunset behind Monument in Washington DC

It’s about to start …

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