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Man on Wire

August 11, 2008

While it is not my intention to use this blog for movie reviews, it has just been that kind of day. I will soon launch a new one dedicated to just that, but in the meantime …

Kellyn and I went to see Man on Wire this evening and it did not disappoint. I had high expectations—as the trailer gave us both goosebumps—and usually that’s room for disaster. That was the case when I saw The Dark Knight. A fine piece of filmmaking but nowhere near brilliant.

However, this documentary was everything I expected and more … Brilliant! Spectacular! Mesmerizing! Unbelievable! Exhilarating! Astonishing! Inspiring! Beautiful! (Insert emphatic statement here __________ )! You get the point. There isn’t one word to describe it.

The story of this tightrope walker, Frenchman Philippe Petit, and how he schemes to walk across the two towers of the WTC takes you further than you might expect. Although being an American you can feel it, there is no mention of 9/11 and there shouldn’t be. This is about one man—not as crazy as you might be quick to assume—and his dream. How can you cover 90 minutes about a man who walks between the WTC towers? You reenact the scenes leading up to the event, explain every detail, and cut between interviews and old footage. We were fully engaged and wanted more. Even if you know how it ends, you can’t help but feel goosebumps at the moment you see him up there. Kellyn cried. My eyes welled up. It was beautiful and totally unexpected.

Watch the preview and go see it.

The poster does not lie


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    A huge hoax. Obviously all CGI.

  2. Kellyn and Daniel permalink

    Reenactments were CGI but everything else was real. You’re trying to get me and it won’t work. Go see it!

  3. Amber D permalink

    Maybe I’ll got see it… in two months when it finally comes to the theaters in Argentina with Spanish subtitles 🙂

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