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Red Eye Rant

September 3, 2008

Some of you were lucky enough to get the full, unedited version of what I’m now dubbing my “Red Eye Rant.” For all others, here’s the G-rated version …

To: Undisclosed Recipients
Subject: 03:39 EST

The exact time I started this email. So I’m obviously getting no sleep and I’m WIDE AWAKE. Luckily, I remember telling my boss I’d be in late morning. Maybe I’ll get a few hours of shut-eye at home before heading in.

This led me to ponder the fact that I’m getting older, amongst other things. Not because I can’t sleep on this damn flight. I can never sleep on flights. Yet, I still take red eye flights. Why? I’m big on saving time. I hate wasting my day on planes, trains and automobiles (no pun intended). I can’t tell you how great it feels not having a car! Yes, a car gives you freedom but so does not having one. I’m rarely stuck in traffic and if I am I don’t care because I’m not driving. I’m reading the paper and listening to music. Don’t get me wrong I miss it and drive into Maryland about once a month. Sometimes in a pickup and sometimes in a hybrid. If I want to pay a few bucks more I can hop in a BMW and look like a total douchebag. How is that not freedom? I’m now adapting to the urban lifestyle I’ve always wanted. I’m the quintessential “city boy.

Daniel, why the hell are you emailing me? Consider this an open journal entry, killing time or maybe it’s just a rant. I really have no idea why I’m putting it in an email and why I’m doing so at this bloody hour while everyone around me us snoring, as I’m sure you are too. It would probably be better on the blog and now I’m thinking I might just put it there. Mainly just because I can, but most likely because I’m so addicted to this friggin’ iPhone. It’s funny really. I had never spent more than $50 on a cell phone because I felt it would be a waste. I spent—no I take that back, Kellyn spent—10x that on this AND I waited in line for 3 hours. I hate lines. I will tell you this though: it was worth every penny and every millisecond. The best device/present I’ve received … ever. I had high expectations too. They’ve far been surpassed.

Farting. (Sorry, you’ll have to contact the poster personally to get the R-rated transcript.)

jetBlue. What a great American airline. There’s nobody that’s better to fly. I’ve always received non-stop and almost always get a good deal. Even when I don’t it’s totally, 100% worth it. DIRECTV. XM. Legroom. Leather seats. Great customer service. Smooth flights. And the flight attendant just came by and gave me a warm towel! They have a wonderful brand and they definitely deliver on their promise.

Not sure why, but it’s been on my mind so much lately. I’m back to the age thing. And, yes, I know I’m only 27. Maybe it’s because I now have astigmatism, I’m married, I get up earlier and follow politics. Maybe it’s not that I’m not getting older, just smarter. More mature. More responsible. Yeah, that’s it. Getting older really is a good thing. Every cliché and overused quote on age rings true … at least for me.

Shit! Already making final decent. It’s been fun. 04:59 EST.


:: Sent from my iPhone ::

Me right after the the Red Eye Rant

Final decent into Washington Dulles Airport

Waiting for the 5A bus to take me home for much needed sleep

Beautiful Rosslyn in the early morning hours before all the hustle and bustle

View of Turnberry Towers (our future home) shot from the front of our apartment

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