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Table Names One

September 14, 2008

I wanted to incorporate some aspects of graphic design since we’re both graphic designers. We decided to pick our top five favorite fonts: Avenir, Bembo, Helvetica, Fairfield and Delta. I was able to use some candles that I got from Pier 1 a while ago for only $.75 each. I’ve been using a lot of items that we already had. I’m pretty happy with the way they came out. I normally don’t like ribbons, but in this case, it adds a nice final touch.

Everything probably cost only $6 (I’m all about budget-friendly planning)

I’ve been doing a lot of wrapping lately

These candles have different width on the top and the bottom so I had to make sure that I folded the rice paper as I was rolling it

Sticking the pins

The pins came in handy to attach the paper to the candles

Hiding the pins with my favorite green paper

The final touch

It’ll be placed with our favors and cranes

Pretty cute

Our reception tables are named after our favorite fonts

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