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Table seating

September 19, 2008

Folding origami has come natural since I was young. When my friends and I played together at home or even at school, we learned how to fold cranes, boats, roses, animals, etc. It was a way of spending time together while talking and laughing. Folding 1,000 origami cranes means a lot in Korea. They believe it represents longevity, loyalty, and love. When I told Daniel about it, he started folding cranes. He said he wanted to fold 1,000 cranes for my mom when he went to meet her for the first time. It was so thoughtful. He couldn’t quite make 1,000 cranes, even with my help, but his effort and his patience was what mattered.

We decided to put our guest names on the wings of our origami cranes. They not only look good but also it’s our way of showing how our different cultures can merge into one great idea.

5″x5″ makes a pretty good size crane

There are two different ways to fold cranes and I do it my favorite way


Body part is almost complete

Making wings

Origami is so intriguing

How precious

Marching cranes

I love how it all came out

100% Complete

One Comment
  1. Amber D permalink

    I absolutely LOVE that your table names are font names! And those cranes are little works of art. That’s going to look amazing (and make everyone smile).

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