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East Meets West

September 20, 2008

I wanted to create nice signage for the table that our guests will see as soon as they enter the ceremony. I found dark brown baskets–only 99¢–at the Crate and Barrel outlet right by my work. I started playing with it to see what I could come up with and that was it! I had the cool signage that I wanted. I had only gotten two, so I went back to get one more and it was sold out. I was so upset and sad. The regular price for the baskets is $15 so I had to go with an alternative option.

Beautiful dark brown basket with my leftover green paper

The middle one is wallet box that I turned into part of our decor

The tiny pearl pin is added to secure the green paper

I used “Delta” for the wording

“Meets” still bothers me but oh well …

Our wedding theme, “East Meets West”

One Comment
  1. Amber D permalink

    Those turned out really cute… and you have a Crate and Barrel Outlet by your house!?! I might be dying of jealousy!

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