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My First Day

October 21, 2008

Well, yesterday was the first official day at my new job. And let me tell you … I absolutely love it! For those who haven’t heard, I decided right before the wedding to take the leap into self-employment 100% when I returned from our honeymoon. So far so good.

I spent the morning at Così (a chain coffee shop in the area), walked about an hour into downtown for lunch at Potbelly (the best sandwich in DC as far as I’m concerned) and headed to the Così in Friendship Heights to wait for Kellyn. And let me tell you I got a lot done!

And I have to say my new boss is great!  : )

Looking like an idiot

Looking like an idiot at Così

Eating my breakfast at Così

Eating my breakfast at Così

  1. Amber permalink

    Ok, so first out of curiosity: why is wordpress better?

    The second thing is OMG! Self employed! That’s brave, and I think it could be a wonderful choice for you. Whenever I read about the success stories of designers in Comm Arts or HOW or whatever, it involves that (breaking away from the corporate monster!) step. I don’t know if I could do it… I think I’d just want to eat sandwiches and go shoe shopping and never get anything done. But then again I didn’t really have the patience for design to begin with, now did I?

    How is work with the scary US economy right now? It seems like depending on the company they might either slash funding for advertising since it’s not a “necessity” or pump up the efforts in order to attract consumers. Interesting work environment at the moment… I can’t say I’m sad to be missing it. Anyway, best of luck! Sounds like it’s starting out deliciously fun!!!

  2. There are many reasons why WordPress is better:

    We feel it’s more intuitive. We love Google and everything they have their hands on but we prefer this platform to Blogger. They have stats built in, lots of widgets, designs are better (you can pay a small fee to customize design or use your own domain) and the best part is they imported all previous comments and posts from Blogger. No thinking necessary and it took 5 minutes. No joke!

    It’s brave. Risky. Thrilling. Exciting. And I love it! I’ve wanted this for years and I finally took the plunge. I get more done during the day and if I slack I’m the one who loses. I can hop from one coffee shop to the next and get just as much done (lots of free WiFi in DC). The economy is scary but I feel it will pick back up. Working for yourself may be a better than working for someone else right now.

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