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Spa World

November 9, 2008

I became a huge fan of Korean spa (They call it Jjimjilbang) when I lived in California. Of course, I used to go to Korean public bath when I lived in Korea, but Jjimjilbang was something new to me. It’s basically where you can detoxify you body by sweating out in hot saunas and cleanse your body afterward. I would go with my roommate at least once a month and it was the best way to release my stress after long days of work.

Since we moved to DC area, I was almost bummed that I wouldn’t have that joy anymore until I found Spa World located in Centerville, VA. I tried to convince Daniel to go with me for a long long time and he finally agreed to go a couple of month ago. We went with Jennifer right before our Wedding West and they both got hooked since then. Another good thing is that Spa World in Virginia is 24 hours, so you can go whenever you want and stay as long as you want. Jennifer convinced her mom to go with her and we took Daniel’s mom when she visited us. It might be a little weird at first but everyone ends up falling in love with the place and so did my family. I took my family over the weekend while Daniel’s gone for a conference in Seattle. We spent five hours relaxing and my dad said his sore back problem is all gone.

Here’s a video and reviews of Spa World.
Spa World on YouTube
Spa World on

There a bigger Korean spa in NYC called Spa Castle. We’re going there next month with Jennifer and I’m so looking forward to it!


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