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Christmas weekend in Maine and Boston

December 31, 2008

Daniel’s entire family gathered together at his sister’s place in Maine this year for Christmas. They had a huge snow storm a few days before we left, but by the time we got there, it was only 40 degrees and sunny. There were a total 14 people and we had so much fun, especially with the kids. They have a huge backyard where we went sledding. We all played the Wii and Guitar Hero entire weekend. Food was awesome and Daniel made his yummy cookies. Daniel’s dad is turning 60 soon so we celebrated his birthday early with famous Maine lobster.

Their place is just like a cabin where I could relax, stay away from my computer and not worry about anything. It’s only one hour flight from where we are, so we’ll definitely go visit more often.

Daniel’s younger brother joined us to fly back home. We took a train from Maine to Boston, which only took about two hours and we enjoyed the beautiful view of snow in New Hampshire and Massachusetts on the way to meet John. We all met up in Quincy Market in Boston to have our favorite clam chowder and went to Cheers for beer before we flew back home.

We went sledding in their backyard.

We went sledding in their backyard


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  1. lilith609 permalink

    MMM…. Clam Chowder soup in Quincy market. I miss it so much. And their lobster sandwich. yum!!

  2. Yes! The best clam chowder! We all had two large bowls. ^^

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