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We Love Obama!

January 21, 2009

On Jan. 20, 2009, Daniel and I woke up at 4am to attend Obama’s Inauguration. Our plan was to try and get as close as possible to the Capitol once we had passed the public entrance. Of course, things don’t happen as planned.

After we left home (around 4:40am), we decided to see if we could take the Metro instead of walking because it was pretty cold. Metro wasn’t that bad. It was nothing like the rush hour crowd. We got off at the McPherson Square station since we figured everyone will probably try to get off at Metro Center. We were right! McPherson Square wasn’t as busy and we walked to 3rd street where a public entrance was. It looked like it was too full already so we decided to go to 7th street. We were pretty close to the gate and we stood there until the gate opened. A few hours passed. Some people climbed up on trucks and started entertaining people. There was a building with huge glass windows and a lot of cops were watching us from there. They were drinking coffee and eating their sandwiches. At 7am, people started shouting “Open the Gate!” Nothing happened. Cops didn’t tell us what was going on. They were taking pictures of us and not doing anything. A lot of people were upset about that. At 8am, they started let some people in but there was still a huge crowd. By 10am, we probably moved 1/4 block closer to the gate and still there was no sign of people getting through the gate. After standing there almost 5 1/2 hours, we decided to go to Lincoln Memorial where there was a huge JumboTron. We were hoping we could at least hear the ceremony.

As we were heading to Lincoln Memorial, we saw the gate on 14th street was wide open. There were no lines and everyone was getting in. We found out it was a gate to the parade route. Luckily, there was a huge speaker so we could hear the entire ceremony. We grabbed an elevated spot where we could see the street. It was funny that everyone was actually having a lot of fun standing outside in 10º weather. Kids were sliding on a frozen pond and people were dancing to the music coming through the speaker. Around 3:30pm, the parade started and when Obama arrived on our street, everyone was going nuts. We were hoping he would get out of the car but it turns out he and Michelle walked from 8th street to 13th street. We were standing near 15th street so we missed that. We still saw him waving at the crowd from his car with a big smile. A lady next me was crying and I was just so overwhelmed with joy and excitement. When Obama was giving his speech, I looked around and everyone was so quiet and they looked as if they tried to listen every single word he was saying.

As we were walking home, it was so great to feel the excitement from everyone on the street. We couldn’t even walk well after standing outside for so long but it didn’t matter. We were so happy to see him pretty close, which we didn’t expect at all. It was my first election ever and Daniel’s first presidential election. I feel courage, hope, and changes that will make our country better. We saw them dancing as President and First Lady at the Neighborhood Ball on a live ABC feed. They are such beautiful people and deserve what they have now. I hope I sound politically correct. Obama is pretty HOT!

We Saw Obama in the Car

We Saw Obama in the Car

There he is!

Close-up of his car. There he is!


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