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Beautiful Spring Weather in February

February 1, 2009

Today was a beautiful day with blue skies and warm sunlight. We bought a sofa and a recliner from Marlo on Saturday where they had no sales tax and free delivery. We’re in love with both of them. The recliner was a floor sample with a discounted price of $199 but pick-up was on us. It’s tomato red with elegant lines unlike most recliners that look like fat bellies. We went to pick up the recliner today and drove by Chevy Chase on Connecticut and Nebraska Avenues, which reminded me of Hancock Park in Los Angeles. It was quite a rich area with so many cute houses. With the beautiful sun out, it was the perfect little drive.

Now we only have two more weeks to go before we move and we’re very excited about it. We’re about 70% packed so far and we’ve been doing a lot of furniture shopping, which is always fun. The Super Bowl was awesome this year. I didn’t pay too much attention in the beginning but I finally joined Daniel at the end. The Cardinals made a touchdown and then with 35 seconds left, the Steelers made another touchdown and won the game. Wow! It was amazing! We could hear a lot of people yelling and shouting in our building.


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