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February 7, 2009

I found a beautiful orchid with a thank you card and a Starbucks gift card on my desk at work on Wednesday morning. This manager from the Public Affairs department thanked me for helping her with rush jobs. They’ve been hosting a lot of events in DC so I helped them with invitations. I love invitation design so I took advantage of the chance to do handmade invitations. I used fancy paper from Paper Source and finished everything on time. I was simply doing my job but of course it was fun so I probably showed more interest and effort on their projects. It was very sweet of her.

On Friday, she and her director came over to me with a Spot Award. It’s like an employee of the month thing but it’s more case by case. Your co-worker nominates you and it has to get approved by a few directors to get the award. Once it’s approved, they announce it at a monthly company meeting. They gave me a Certificate of Apreciation and a $200 Visa card. I was totally blushing and happy since it totally took me by surprise. My boss told me he was nominated a few times but got rejected. I almost feel like he deserved it more than I did. I should nominate him for being such a great boss to work for.


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