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DC Shorts Film Festival

February 8, 2009

We went to attend Best the of DC Shorts Film 2008 last Friday at the US Navy Memorial. We viewed 14 films which last an average of 10-15 minutes each. It almost felt like reading short stories in a book. They might be short but all of them had strong messages and they were very well executed. We loved “Speed Dating,” “Bloom,” “Funniest Feds” and “Path.” “Funniest Feds” was hilarious. It was a documentary of a contest where they picked the funniest Federal Employees. Everyone was rolling at the theater.

Daniel decided to volunteer to be a judge for the 2009 DC Shorts Film Festival in September. He’ll be watching 30-40 short films and will have to critique each of them with online judging and then volunteer during the festival next September. I wanted to do it with him but I don’t see myself being a good judge. I look forward to seeing another series of Best Shorts later this year.

  1. Pretty cool! Would any of these films end up on youtube eventually?

  2. 오제성 permalink

    멋진데- 단편영화제라..

    상영시간도 짧고 말야.

  3. Doesn’t look like they have any on youtube.

  4. 한국 영화제도 작년에 보러갔다.. 김혜수 나오는 거였는데 제목이 생각이 안나네..

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