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Daniel’s First Yoga Class

February 25, 2009

I finally convinced Daniel to join me at my yoga class. Well, he kind of had no choice because he couldn’t get away. The class is in our building, it’s free, they have yoga mats and everything. A couple of years ago, when we were in California, I was finally able to do the Warrior III and Crow poses and I was showing it off. Daniel said, “Like this?” He could do it without any hesitation. It took me a few classes to be able to do those poses. I told him he definitely has yoga blood in him. And he finally joined me last night.

The class is pretty small, so our teacher is pretty attentive to everyone’s poses. I’m sure Daniel was probably intimidated by all the women but he was awesome in the class, especially for the first-timer. He was amazed how better his body felt afterwards. I am just so happy he’ll be my yoga partner from now on!


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  1. Hey, all the girls should be a BONUS! That’s really fun. Glad you guys are liking your new place, sounds really nice to have a yoga class so easy and so close.

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