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30 Years Young

March 16, 2009

I just took baby steps into my 30s. I was freaking out for a few months but now I’m accepting it … and it feels awesome! I have achieved most of my goals and I am thankful for everything I have accomplished. The biggest adventure was moving to the States and exploring the other side of the country in my 20s. All of my experiences from these adventures got me where I am now. I am so happy with my husband in our little place where we have started our new life together. I couldn’t ask for anything more in my life. I have way more than I have ever imagined and I feel so rich.

Daniel took me to New York for my 30th birthday. One of my favorite things about New York is that it’s a different experience and perspective every time we visit. We went to check out all the good eateries mostly in the East Village and SoHo. MoMa is free on Fridays, sponsored by Target, so we took advantage of that. We joined my co-worker’s Bachelor party in SoHo and the dive bar we went to reminded me of the bars that I used to go to when I was in college in South Korea. We got lucked out on our hotel. Daniel told the front desk that I was claustrofobic, so they gave us a room on the 23rd floor. When we walked into the room, we found out it was the executive suite complete with a living room, kitchen, two bathrooms and a huge balcony with a nice view of the city. On the last day in the city, they had light snow on the ground and flurries. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

My past 30 years has had its ups and downs. I have had so many people in and out of my life. Some stayed and some didn’t. I love looking back and I would not change a thing to make it better or worse. I believe everything was meant to be this way. I created what I have now and it feels great to be in charge. My next 30 years will probably be even more hectic and busy. I am so looking forward to it.


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