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Time Flies …

March 30, 2009

I can’t believe a quarter of 2009 is almost gone. This month has been pretty crazy. Due to the budget cut at our company, like most other companies, our design department has been trying to take advantage of free training seminars whenever possible. Luckily, there has been quite a few to attend. InDesign User Group had one, which was informative as usual, and CGX had a huge conference where they offered several different breakout sessions. They provided meals all-day long and lots of prizes. One of them was Adobe CS4 standard, which is around $1,500 and Daniel WON!! We couldn’t believe it. Daniel wasn’t even going to attend the seminar. I went with our department and when I found out they take same-day registration I quickly called him to come join us. It was the best prize ever and it was exactly what he needed! The CGX conference was an awesome design conference and I really hope to attend it again next year.

I can’t wait for Spring. Time flies but the weather doesn’t catch up. It’s getting warmer though. The Cherry Blossom Festival started and this weekend is supposed to be peak so we’re going to take our parents to the festival. I got off a little earlier today than usual because I got up earlier. I always plan to get up early but it rarely happens. It was beautiful outside so I had a nice 10 minute walk from the metro station to home. I made dinner and Daniel gave me 10 out of 10. He rarely gives me 10 so I was happy. I usually don’t like to read recipes and just start making things. This time, I made grilled chicken and vegetables with BBQ sauce. I put baby arugala on the top and wrapped it in a chili tortilla. It was pretty good. Just the way we both like it. Spicy and hot!!

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