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Cherry Blossom Festival & Daniel’s Mom Visits

April 15, 2009

This year was our second year to go to DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival. It was pretty windy but the sun was up all day long. The Sakura Japanese Festival was fun, but their performances were nothing special. They were giving away free Shiseido facial coupons and Suave cherry blossom shower gel with free hand massages. As far as the flowers go, it was pretty, but nothing compared to my hometown. My parent’s were going to join us but my dad had to work. I don’t think they missed out too much though.

Daniel’s mom visited us for a few days. She loved our new place and we had a great time together. She gave me a swimming lesson and now I can swim a little bit better. I’ll just have to keep on practicing. We walked around DC, visited museums and found some quaint, new neighborhoods. We barbequed on our rooftop and she even drank wine with us (the delicious Zarafa from Trader Joe’s)! It was very nice to have a guest over. She has traveled a lot over the past year, only spending about half a year at her own home. That’s the lifestyle that Daniel and I really want.

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