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Loving Old Town Alexandria

April 17, 2009

Rainy days gone … at least for now. It finally felt like spring today. My friends and I decided to go for a “Girls Night Out” after work. We walked around Old Town Alexandria and went to MoMo Sushi, where I’ve been wanting to try. My co-worker and our new neighbor friend told me about it, as well as my many, fellow Yelpers. It’s a very tiny place near the waterfront. Their sushi was very fresh and we loved how intimate and cute the restaurant was. The waterfront was full of people hanging out with their family, friends and dogs. We saw this little 9-month-old puppy that was SO CUTE. I forget what type of breed it was. It was half Shihtzu and half something else. If I had a dog, it’d be something like that.

We were surprised to see how many new shops opened and saw so many places we want to try next time. We stumbled upon a wine bar for dessert and we wished we gone to another bakery. We weren’t too happy about their bad service and the food was just “okay” but had a ridiculous pricetag. I’ll have to Yelp about that place. In this economy, places like that can’t last long. But, the ambiance was good and it reminded us all of Europe. We talked about how great it was traveling in Europe. I’ve only been once, but can’t wait to go back. Hopefully, by the end of this year.


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  1. lilith609 permalink

    yum. sounds really delicious. I wanna go try!! especially that wine bar. Oh I found the link for that VA wine tour thing. I will send you a link if you want it. 😀

  2. mmm… sushi! Something I definitely miss about Cali! Remember that half-price place we all used to go to for lunch around the corner from PSB? Those are the memories that make me smile. Glad you’re exploring and having fun with the girls! I feel so out of touch… no yelp in Argentina, haha!! Beso, amber

  3. Yelp just expanded to Europe so it might go there some day too. Of course I remember Maki Yaki. That’s still my favorite sushi place.

  4. lilith609 permalink

    hmm… i think it’s time for the updates guys… seriously, it’s been a month since the last time you guys wrote. ^^

  5. I know it’s been a while. hehe

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