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Exploring the H Street Corridor

May 29, 2009

After work, we got off at the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro station and hopped the H Street shuttle to meet our friends at Granville Moore’s. The shuttle only runs every half hour but we were lucky to catch it as soon as we got off the metro. After a short 5-10 minute ride, we arrived at H and 12th st. This gastropub might be easy to miss because they have a tiny sign outside. However, on the inside there is a lot of character. It has exposed bricks on the wall and handwritten menus. The selection for Belgium beer was very extensive. I don’t know much about beer but the light wheat beer that I got was pretty good. Of course I forget the name. I can never remember names. We ordered mussels and frites with 5 or 6 sauces. Excellent mussels!

This place is in NE where a lot of gentrification is starting. There was so much character to the area. I can see this area being more hip and trendy in a few years, similar to where U Street is now. We’ve always wanted to go check out the H Street Corridor and it was perfect night to finally go.

Granville Moore's on H St.

Granville Moore's on H St.

  1. Jennifer permalink

    Maybe you guys should think about getting a condo around that area. 🙂

  2. We’ll see. ^^

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