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How’s your summer?

August 13, 2009

Summer is my least favorite season. I have never liked hot weather, which is why I didn’t like it in Southern California. I know, everyone loves Southern California weather, but it’s too hot all year long for me! For some reason, I can deal with humidity and cold weather, but sizzling sun always makes me dizzy and unpleasant.

Since we moved to DC, my summer has been different. When people would ask how my summer was, I used to think “what about it?” However, summer in DC is different to me. It’s full of events and we have so much fun.

We took another trip to NYC in June. I already can’t wait to go back. New York is always fun and it might be because I don’t live there and only visit for fun. Some of our friends used to live in New York and told us about their horror stories: huge rats and roaches, crazy dudes on the subway … pretty gross and nasty. But, I still love the city. When we visited this time, we passed by the dorm where I lived for a couple of months, while the tragic events of 2001 were going on. I can’t believe it’s already been eight years. I have visited New York so many times since then but I’ve never been close to where I used to live. It’s probably because I’m still scared and I still remember the horror of people running for their lives and the thoughts of death in front of my eyes. I still can’t watch TV when they show the plane crashing into the building and have nightmares once in a while. It’s something that I’ll never be able to get over.

Enough about that …

We’ve had a few friends visit us from CA and it was nice to see them again. I was pretty CA homesick a couple of months ago. I missed the very first apartment that we moved into together. I was only there for a month or so but it was our first place together and we loved it so much. I missed good friends in CA and all the happy memories. Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of the good memories and move on. It was probably because I wasn’t necessarily ready to leave everything behind. Everything happened so quickly and I didn’t even have time to think about it. When I saw them again it almost felt like I took a time machine and I was in CA again.

DC had their 5th Fringe Festival in July so Daniel and I volunteered for the first time. Most of the volunteer work was box office, but it was a very different experience for us. We loved being in the festive environment together. We both love small plays and theater performances, so volunteering gave us different perspective of what goes on behind the scenes and, best of all, we got to see some of the shows for free. We will definitely do it again next year.

We went to a Jason Mraz concert with Jennifer. Awesome concert but a little bit disappointing. It’s probably a sign of aging. I didn’t realize a bunch of teenagers would show up and they kept shouting and screaming. Can anyone watch a nice movie when a baby is crying aloud? That’s exactly how I felt. It seemed more like a Justin Timberlake concert. Daniel and Jennifer both said he was better than his CD but I disagree. I’m not into fancy performances with fancy lighting, dancing, etc. I just like to enjoy the singer’s genuine voice and being surrounded by teenagers didn’t help.

I hosted a BBQ on our rooftop for Daniel’s birthday. My mom made a lot of Galbi (Korean BBQ) and a couple of my friends made pork ribs and curry chicken. I’ve never had that much meat to BBQ. We had about 23 people and it was a good crowd on the rooftop. One of the best amenities we have is our rooftop. You can see the view of DC, MD, and VA along the Potomac River. It’s so peaceful up there and it’s a quick stress-reliever. A couple of days before Daniel’s actual birthday was Bethesda Restaurant Week, so I took him to Mon Ami Gabi. They had gazpacho with cucumber on top. OMG! The best soup ever. I wish I could make it. We also went to Mandu, one of the two Korean restaurants in DC, and surprisingly they have Happy Hour on the weekends. Their food was decent and HH deal was pretty good. We only had appetizers since we were both too full from lunch, but next time I want to try their meal.

Speaking of meat, we saw Food Inc. and we both decided to eat less meat and hopefully, someday no meat for me. I was reading Skinny Bitch at the same time so the message hit me even harder. I can go without eating any meat but it’s hard to pass nice BBQ. I’ve been trying to avoid eating meat as much as possible since my mom got sick and that movie and the book became a big turning-point for me. Daniel even became a very organic-friendly and veggie-friendly eater. He used to hate Tofu and now he loves it. Why does everything need to be big? People want everything bigger and bigger but what do you actually get? A bigger ass? I’m starting to wonder if the fruit from Costco has some chemicals in it. They have the best fruit but I’m not sure how they keep up with all the consumption without unhealthy mass production.

Tomorrow will be our last chance to be able to go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden. We went there once last year and everyone brings a picnic and you enjoy the music in the background. I can’t believe summer’s almost over. But holidays getting closer!

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