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25th Anniversary at SHRM

August 21, 2009

Today was one of my coworkers’ 25th anniversary at work. It’s pretty amazing. I’m not sure if I’ve seen anyone who stayed that long at one company. There are actually quite a bit of people at my work who’ve been there more than 20 years but she’s been there the longest. She wore a big crown all day today and everyone congratulated her. She said she could write a book of the history of SHRM and all the episodes over the last 25 years. I can’t help admiring her patience and dedication. I don’t know if I can ever do that.

I was compressed this week, meaning four long working days and a Friday off. I used to be able to pull off 10-11 hours at my previous job. I must be getting old. I can’t do that anymore. 9.5 hours for four straight days is pretty tough but a day off is so rewarding.

Daniel’s been working late these days to finish up a lot of projects before we go on our trip in two weeks. It’s funny how I can’t go to sleep without him now. I have no problem falling a sleep once I go to bed but I just can’t get to bed when he’s working late.


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