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A Trip to Vancouver & Seattle

September 15, 2009

We took a trip to Seattle and Vancouver for about eight days. I had enough mileages to use from JetBlue and some gift cards from our wedding gift. We invited Daniel’s parents to join us since Seattle is only less than an hour flight from Idaho. We flew to Seattle and took a train to Vancouver, which was only $31 after AAA discount. It was about 4 hour train ride along the ocean and it was beautiful and peaceful. I was very impressed by Amtrak’s nice and clean leather seats.

Vancouver was one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever visited. It reminded me of Sydney. The downtown felt like NYC but much much cleaner and the city is surrounded by ocean, islands, and mountains, which creates Mediterranean feel. Their public transportation was excellent. Unlike NYC or DC, it comes in smaller trains but more often. We never had to wait more than 2-5 minutes for a bus or a sky train. The boutique hotel where we stayed was on Robson Street, which is similar to SoHo or Beverly Hills. It was located in the middle of everything with so many shops and restaurants. We went to Stanley Park where you can walk along the ocean with busy city scene on your left side and beautiful ocean on your right side. Granville Island had an awesome public market with a music venue where we saw David Blair. His show was excellent and we even got to talk to him and get his autograph. Elizabeth Park, Kitsilano Beach, Commercial Drive, English Bay and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden in China town were all worth visit and we got to eat at a lot of places that I had found on yelp. Yelp helps everything we love to do on our travel. The best thing about the city is weather. They have four seasons but it doesn’t go below 40º in winter and go above 80º in summer. How awesome is that? We would move there in a heartbeat!!

Seattle was great too. Pike place public market has the very first Starbucks. We had the best macarroni and cheese ever there. We took the underground tour, which shows people around how Seattle was built up. The city used to be way below the street level and they had huge problems with sewage back in the day. They had big fire, which motivated them to build the entire city in better ways. So the underground is before the fire took place and they show you how they build the new city. It was a little spooky but very informative and interesting tour. University district was the best in Seattle. It had many small boutique shops with tons of places to eat. We had the best Thai food and bubble tea. I found Thai Tom on yelp and it must be an authentic Thai restaurant. It was so different from what we are used to.

I’m in love with Vancouver!


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    its time for new post!!!! 😀 I know you got some news.

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